Scrap your New Years Resolution!

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  • January 1, 2014 7:44 pm

It’s a good way to indulge through December guilt free knowing that in January you’ll turn everything around. This time for good! You’ll exercise more, east less, smoke less, earn more and take that holiday you’ve always wanted. This will be the year that everything changes. As the clock strikes midnight, January 1st there is nothing in the world that will stop you from making the big change…. Right after that one last cigarette.

There is strange clash that many of us experience when it comes to changing habits. On one side of the ring is the young, ambitious and slightly naïve habit that has so much potential. On the other is an older, more experienced and determined bad habit that won’t go down easily. Each January they meet for the annual showdown and for most of us it’s that bad Ol’ Habit that takes the title for another year. In fact Forbes recently cited that just 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolutions. The good news is that despite the failings of the previous year, we invite that young promise of a better habit back to fight another round. The problem is this habit hasn’t been in training all year and has returned straight out of hibernation, expected to challenge Ol’ Habit that’s grown in strengths of many years. On top of that, the holiday period is Ol’ Habit’s season, full of temptation. New habit never stood a chance.
A new year might seem like a good time to start a change conceptually but we can’t be limited by it. We need to remember that every second of every day is just as good as new years day. Every opportunity we get to choose between old and new habits is a chance to change. It’s not just a choice just for January or a choice we can excuse for a weekend or on holiday, it’s one we need to make over and over again. Its hundreds of choices we make every day of our lives. The more we opt for the better choice the sooner we achieve the better habit. There will be times when you’re staring at that cigarette / chocolate cake / alarm clock and thinking “I’ve been so good, I deserve a break”. That’s your test right there. That’s the sauce on your pudding, the very chance to decide, new or old. In that moment, think about what the old look like. Sure it’s familiar, warming and so easy. You know what it’s like and it feels good… for a little while. Then, after, you get that feeling of regret and disappointment. Then think about what the better decision will bring you; a clear head, boundless energy and a feeling of greatness and success. When you can feel what the new habit will bring you, act in that moment. Keep doing that over and over again. Do it hundreds and thousands of times. It might take days, weeks or months but eventually you’ll wake up and be grateful you were strong enough to make the best decision over and over again. Eventually, it be comes so easy it’s not even a choice, it’s a habit.
A simple quote I came across recently said “good habits require constant commitment”. Often it’s the plain obvious we fail to recognise. The more often we make the better choice, the stronger the preferred habit becomes, simple as that. New years resolutions are available all year round. Of course, with so many opportunities to change, we’re bound to slip up on a few, because we’re human. What counts is the amount of times you were able to make the best decision over temptation. That directly attributes to the results you see. So keep training that new habit with so much potential. Make it strong enough to knock out bad old habit for good!

Written by Cara Birks
Lifestyle, Food & Wellness Coach.

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