Madison Mansy, D.M.Q. Medical Qi Gong

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Madison Mansy, D.M.Q. Medical Qi Gong

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Get rid of your pain. From physical pain associated with chronic illness such as cancer or back problems to emotional pain as a result of a loss or break up, the Mansy Method is designed specifically to help you heal and transform your life with Medical Qi Gong.

Though Qi Gong (also spelled QiGong, chi gong, chikung) has been practiced in other parts of the world for centuries as holistic medicine therapy, the clinical use of Qi Gong as an alternative medical treatment is relatively new.

It is a practice of Meditative Movement; pain treatment that is achieved by eliciting what is called the Relaxation Response, a term coined by Dr. Herbert Benson, Associate Professor of Medicine at The Harvard Medical School to describe the healing and stress reducing effects of a mind-body practice.

The Mansy Method is a trademarked practice that incorporates Medical Qi Gong with other modalities of care to alleviate many types of pain. It offers a higher standard of treatment that allows the patient to enhance their life on multiple levels; the physical, mental and spiritual.

Treatment is customized to meet each client’s needs in order to alleviate stress, clearing obstacles and paving results for success. Dr. Mansy incorporates regular appointments which bring forth positive outcomes, holistically shifting the lives of her patients in a positive direction.



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